“Voters should elect Sylvia Santiago to the New Windsor Town Council. As an advocate for our entire community, Sylvia has immersed herself into our local organizations which include Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, New Windsor Girls Softball Secretary, President of the “Friends of Newburgh Crew” and she is currently a board member for Newburgh Board of Education. I am impressed by Sylvia’s ability to remain unbiased and worked towards resolutions to achieve targeted results. As a professional, Sylvia has worked as a financial controller for over twenty years. Sylvia’s background in managing finances and many other aspects her company will bring expertise to our Town Council regarding finances, information systems and contract negotiations.
I have known Sylvia for 17 years as a neighbor, a fellow parent volunteer, NFA Crew Team advocates and friend. Her integrity is beyond reproach and her dedication to what ever she sets her sights on is steadfast. She will be an excellent addition to the New Windsor Town Council. Please vote for Sylvia Santiago.”Keith Schafer, October 2019


“I am writing this letter in support of Sylvia Santiago for Orange County Legislature 15th District.  I have known Sylvia for the last 8 years.  During this time, we have both volunteered in the Boy Scout program.  Sylvia has held various positions such as serving as Troop Treasurer, Committee Member, Merit Badge Counselor and Life to Eagle Board.  Sylvia has also devoted her time to Girl Scouts and as a parent representative for the Newburgh School District.  Sylvia is a dedicated, community oriented citizen.  Sylvia is caring and very much invested in the New Windsor community and its children.  I believe that Sylvia’s business and community experiences will make Sylvia an excellent candidate for Orange County Legislature and Sylvia will work for all the residents of New Windsor.” – Edwin Howard, 2017

“I rarely share my opinion for candidates for political office, however today I am making an exception. Orange County has an exceptional neighbor and leader in Sylvia Santiago as your next county legislator. Sylvia embodies the axioms of Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Leadership, Caring, and Innovation.  In Sylvia’s professional life, as Chief Financial Officer for one of the leading healthcare marketing and data analytics firms, Sylvia consistently brings significant intellectual gravity, innovative solutions, prudent and practical problem-solving skills to tackle problems and raise the bar for organizational excellence.  Sylvia’s experience spans strategizing and developing rigorous financial controllership, developing forecasting and budget models, managing capital structure, and team leadership and assuring reporting to numerous stakeholders are done with prudency, timeliness, and in accuracy of information.

I’ve collaborated with Sylvia Santiago for 20 plus years and I’ve experienced firsthand Sylvia’s adroit guidance and compassionate insights to improve team collaboration, process improvement and problem solving.  One of her hallmark traits is assuring constituent inclusion and injecting diversity of thought and people into all matters to assuage challenges.

Orange county, you have a treasure in Sylvia Santiago, a proven leader who will be a tireless champion for people over politics.” – Peter Newman, CEO HyperPointe, 2017

“My name is Jeffrey Bousché, I have lived in New Windsor for over 26 years. I had worked for the Municipal Housing Authority for the city of Yonkers for 30 years. I have been retired for the last 7 years. For the last 10 years I have been president of New Windsor Girls Softball League. Being involved with the league is how I met Sylvia Santiago. I have known Sylvia for 15 years since being a part of the League.

Sylvia is a public servant that you can count on. When she works at any task, it is done not only with thoughtfulness but with a strong conviction. I have the highest regard for Sylvia and would not doubt her capabilities. Anybody would benefit from having her on their team.” —— Jeffrey Bousche 2017

I am a member of District 15 in New Windsor and I am writing to proudly lend my support to Sylvia Santiago, a candidate for Orange County Legislator.  Sylvia is not a career politician, but she embodies everything I want my county legislator to be.  She is an effective leader and communicator.  Her integrity and character are beyond reproach.  Sylvia has raised her children, all graduates of Newburgh Free Academy, with strong family values and a sense of citizenship.  Her desire to help others is just one of the many characteristics I admire most about her.  Sylvia is committed to growing jobs with wages that families can live on.  Her work with multi-million dollar budgets allows her to understand that for economic development to be successful, it must be done responsibly and thoughtfully with a look towards the future. I believe Sylvia Santiago will help move New Windsor forward with strong, positive growth.  If you want a candidate who is engaged and ready to work as part of a team to get things done, then vote for Sylvia Santiago for Orange County Legislator on Tuesday, November 7.”  Laura McCormack, 2017

“I am writing this letter in support of Sylvia Santiago for Orange County Legislature, District 15 – New Windsor. I have known Santiago for more than 12 years and know her to be hardworking and dedicated to giving a voice to all those she represents. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of parents and our school children serving as Central Compact Chair for the Newburgh Enlarged Central School District (NECSD). Her 20-plus years of finance management experience has given her the tools necessary to understand complex issues and has aided her well in her advisory roles on various NECSD committees and in helping to develop a sound strategic plan to guide our schools for years to come.

I have worked closely with Santiago in my son’s Boy Scout Troop #4028 and know her to be diligent, caring, resourceful and understanding. Her organizational skills and leadership abilities have inspired many young men in the troop to pursue their Eagle Scout rank. She is equally active in the New Windsor Girl Scouts, Friends of Newburgh Crew and New Windsor Girls Softball League – demonstrating dedication beyond reproach to families in this community.” – Kevin R. Cummings, New Windsor, 2017

“Sylvia is a business comptroller with more than 20 years of professional experience who is financially savvy and dedicated to affecting positive results for New Windsor.

Please vote for Sylvia Santiago on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017″                                      -Christopher Eachus, current Orange County Legislator – District 15, 2017

“Vote for Sylvia. I have seen her hard work and dedication throughout our community. She has the strength and determination to advocate for the residents of New Windsor. Thank you Sylvia, I know you will make a difference!” Annette K., 2017

“Sylvia is an upstanding citizen with strong family values and understands finance. Orange County needs more honest people to represent us. VOTE for integrity and reason Vote Sylvia Santiago!!!!”    Virginia S., 2017

“I’ve known Sylvia and her family for over a decade now. She is a remarkable human. She will be a great addition to the Orange County Legislative body. She knows first hand the struggles of working families and the balance that must exist for communities to thrive. I am proud to call her friend but more important I am proud of the example she is setting for working parents in our County.”  Karen M., 2017

“Selfless leader, and principled hard worker dedicated to servicing the needs of the collective community… a few reasons why Sylvia should be our Legislator!” James H., 2017

“An honest person with knowledge and experience. I’m voting for Sylvia Santiago.” Lily P., 2017

“Fresh ideas and perspectives for Orange County. I’m voting for Sylvia Santiago!” Paula S. 2017

“Completely dedicated to her family and to her community. Her knowledge of accounting and her selfless leadership make her an ideal candidate.”   Juliana L., 2017