New Windsor Needs Dedication!

3 Days to go..
Countdown to Republican Primary Day June 25th
Why Vote Stephen Bedetti for Town Council?
New Windsor Needs Dedication!

Elect SBAs our current New Windsor Police Communications Supervisor and Vails Gate Fire Department President, he is fully aware of the issues our town faces.
Stephen is a lifelong New Windsor resident & Republican
New Windsor Employee, 30 years
Cornwall Police Officer, 20 years
Vails Gate Fire Department Volunteer, 35 years
CSEA President, Local 836 unit 7917, 15 years
Stephen is a dedicated New Windsor resident who cares about our community


New Year = new resolutions to stay informed

Great to see so many concerned residents at last night’s New Windsor Planning Board Meeting. We have to take interest in what affects our communities. Agenda included continued discussions on proposed development of Stewart Hill Industrial Park Site Plan on Toleman Rd & possible Biohitech, waste to fuel plant, at Stewart.

nw planning_010919

Full New Windsor Town Planning Board Agenda for 01/09/19:


1) HIGHLAND OPERATING, LTD SUBDIVISION (18-07) – 115 Toleman Rd – 4 lot residential subdivision. (DAN YANOSH)

2) STEWART HILL INDUSTRIAL PARK SITE PLAN (17-20) – Toleman Rd – Proposed development of 4 warehouse/distribution buildings with office space and associated parking. (PIETRZAK & PFAU)

3) STEWART HILL INDUSTRIAL PARK LOT LINE CHANGE (17-21) – Toleman Rd – Proposed lot line change. (PIETRZAK & PFAU)

4) ZAFAR COOLER ADDITION SITE PLAN (18-18)-115 Corporate Drive-Proposed addition for additional cooler space. (STEVEN GREEN)

5) CASSIDY FARM ARENA SITE PLAN & SPECIAL PERMIT (17-12) – 1679 Little Britain Rd – Proposed horse barn and riding arena (T.M. DEPUY ENGINEERING & LAND SURVEYING, P.C.)


1) BIOHITECH AMERICA SITE PLAN & SPECIAL PERMIT (18-02) – Acknowledge receipt of proposed draft scope

2) LEGACY WOODS-360 Day extension request






Election Day Gratitude

This picture is from our Boy Scout Troop Court of Honor Program (last night). Thought it a great picture to share today. Many thanks to the scout that let me share it.
Want to say THANK YOU

to all the election workers. poll watchers,
to the citizens and organizations that are offering free rides to the polls,
to anyone and everyone working to ensure that people’s votes aren’t suppressed,
to all the candidates taking a chance, sharing your messages, and most importantly for giving us choices!
(and bring some snacks or refreshments to the people working the polls. They’re going to have a loooong day)
And if you think you can help build a better tomorrow, start planning now. You have almost a year until next election day and 6+ months to the school board elections. What will you stand for? Look up available seats in your area. If you don’t chose to run, how will you support your local candidates? Think and organize tomorrow!

So what has history taught us??

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Tomorrow is the big day in New York for voters.
This Smithsonian article on the Know-Nothing Party provides a good history of our two-party system and a great overview of third parties in our nation. Looking back at history is a great way to better understand current events. Here’s an excerpt to pique your interest:
From 1820 to 1845, anywhere from 10,000 to 1,000,000 immigrants entered the U.S. each year. Then, as a consequence of economic instability in Germany and a potato famine in Ireland, those figures turned from a trickle into a tsunami. Between 1845 and 1854, 2.9 million immigrants poured into the country, and many of them were of Catholic faith. Suddenly, more than half the residents of New York City were born abroad, and Irish immigrants comprised 70% of charity recipients. As cultures clashed, fear exploded and conspiracies abounded. Posters around Boston proclaimed, “All Catholics and all persons who favor the Catholic Church are…vile imposters, liars, villains, and cowardly cutthroats.”
Read it here!