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I’m an experienced  Financial Controller with over 30 years working in the business world. I’ve worked for small and large corporations and understand the issues that employees and employers face. Know that I have the experience and resolve to stand up for what is needed even when there are obstacles. I will always work hard for New Windsor and be a strong voice for Orange County!

#VoteforSylviaSantiago Orange County Legislator on Tuesday Nov 7

Girl Scout Cookies Are Not Just Nostalgia

Girl Scout cookie sales do more than satisfy your taste buds.  They help councils and troops fund programs that build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.   Proud to be part of the New Windsor Girl Scout Service Unit 218 which works to host projects each month that support our community – including  veterans, seniors, food pantry and more.  My own daughter, Samantha, saved her cookie sale credits to fund her Girl Scout Gold Award Project – silent witness silhouettes for Orange County Safe Homes representing people killed in the area by domestic violence .

Thank you to all the volunteers that work to make our communities a better place!

Democracy is not about words…

Eleanor's Legacy

“Democracy is not about words but action” Eleanor Roosevelt

Beyond honored to be endorsed by Eleanor’s Legacy.   Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated her life to expanding the role of women in politics and government.  I pledge to continue her legacy for all of us. Hope you’ll consider joining me one day.  Vote on November 7. Get involved, make your voice heard!

Ready for the task…


Big shoes to fill but I’m ready for the task. Humbled and honored to be endorsed by current District 15 Orange County Legislator, Chris Eachus. He was instrumental in starting Orange County’s Green Committee. Something many residents have voiced concerns about. I promise to keep up the work in protecting our area!


Monday Nights with Boy Scout Troop 4028

Merit Badge

Really enjoy working with our scouts from New Windsor Troop 4028.  As a merit badge counselor for communications, personal management (and a few others),  I work  with our scouts to help them not only complete requirements but also help them explore the subjects as possible careers. Our youths are our future and are worth our investment of time and leadership. Thank you to all of you who volunteer your time in the community!


Samantha and family
When I was MUCH younger, my family owned a restaurant in Queens NY. People of all backgrounds came to it. I met and learned that regardless of their language or religion, they all wanted the best for their families and community. The interactions have most certainly enhanced my business career.  I’ve had the pleasure to work for and with various international corporations and made connections all over. I will do my best empowering everyone to getting involved in education, and community issues and building coalitions! While the world is large, our connections are closer than 6 degrees.