Proud to be Endorsed by NYS Senator James Skoufis

Skoufis endorses Allegra and Santiago

Senator James Skoufis endorses New Windsor candidates, Sylvia Santiago and Kelly Allegra

I am proud to endorse two candidates who are representative of the new wave of talented women running for office in Orange County. In the Town of New Windsor, on November 5, 2019, I urge you to vote for Sylvia Santiago for Town Council and Kelly Allegra for Town Clerk. Both achieved significant careers and their volunteerism to the community paints a picture of their commitment to serve and assist others.

The Town of New Windsor is in desperate need of new leadership, the lack of transparency and accountability of the current administration is extremely troubling. With lots of uncertainty and mismanagement on issues like reckless overdevelopment and water contamination surrounding the Town government, it’s crucial that we elect people that have experience and will fight everyday to protect our taxpayers. On a local level, it’s not about Democrat or Republican, it’s about doing what’s right for the taxpayers of New Windsor.

I’m thrilled to recommend and heartily endorse Sylvia Santiago and Kelly Allegra as candidates for election in the Town of New Windsor. As a burgeoning community, residents need an educated and committed team to address the Town’s progress in the new decade. I urge you to support Sylvia Santiago for Town Council and Kelly Allegra for Town Clerk if New Windsor on Election Day .

James Skoufis
State Senator, 39th District

Santiago is committed to the youth in our community!

volunteer make a change

Letter to the Editor- Times Herald Record
Elect Sylvia Santiago to New Windsor Town Council
I have known Sylvia Santiago for more than 15 years. We first met while both our sons were in a Cub Scout Pack in New Windsor. Both of our daughters have also been in the Scouting program together. As our children are now out of Scouts, Santiago remains there helping those Scouts achieve their dreams of becoming Eagle Scouts. She works with them as either a Merit Badge counselor or just by helping the boys with their Life to Eagle paperwork.
Santiago is committed to the youth in our community through school and Scouting. She is also very committed to the entire New Windsor community. She is efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Santiago is a great choice for a seat on the New Windsor Town Council.
Karen Decker

November 5th – Results Over Rhetoric

Sylvia Kelly Virginia 2

Extremely honored to be endorsed by S.A.M along with other area candidates – Kelly Allegra for New Windsor Town Clerk and Virginia Scott for Cornwall Town Council.

“The candidates endorsed by the SAM Party of New York have a record of accomplishment in their communities and believe in the principle of working with others regardless of political affiliation in order to get results for residents,” said SAM Party of New York Chair Michael Volpe.

SAM Party Of New York Endorses Nine Candidates For Office in Orange County




“Always Vote for Principle..”

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams
Friends, as some of you know I’m running for New Windsor Town Council along with
George Meyers for Town Supervisor
Kelly Allegra for Town Clerk
Stephen Bedetti for Town Council
Follow us at 4NewWindsor
Thank you in advance!cropped-sylvia-town-council

New Windsor Needs Dedication!

3 Days to go..
Countdown to Republican Primary Day June 25th
Why Vote Stephen Bedetti for Town Council?
New Windsor Needs Dedication!

Elect SBAs our current New Windsor Police Communications Supervisor and Vails Gate Fire Department President, he is fully aware of the issues our town faces.
Stephen is a lifelong New Windsor resident & Republican
New Windsor Employee, 30 years
Cornwall Police Officer, 20 years
Vails Gate Fire Department Volunteer, 35 years
CSEA President, Local 836 unit 7917, 15 years
Stephen is a dedicated New Windsor resident who cares about our community


NW Troop 4028 New Scoutmaster

Cant say it enough – thank you to all the volunteers that dedicate their time to guiding our youths. Special thanks to NW Troop 4028’s new Scoutmaster, Tom Coleman, for taking on the challenge of training our scouts to become leaders.