Election Day Gratitude

This picture is from our Boy Scout Troop Court of Honor Program (last night). Thought it a great picture to share today. Many thanks to the scout that let me share it.
Want to say THANK YOU

to all the election workers. poll watchers,
to the citizens and organizations that are offering free rides to the polls,
to anyone and everyone working to ensure that people’s votes aren’t suppressed,
to all the candidates taking a chance, sharing your messages, and most importantly for giving us choices!
(and bring some snacks or refreshments to the people working the polls. They’re going to have a loooong day)
And if you think you can help build a better tomorrow, start planning now. You have almost a year until next election day and 6+ months to the school board elections. What will you stand for? Look up available seats in your area. If you don’t chose to run, how will you support your local candidates? Think and organize tomorrow!